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Get to know Vicki

Vicki Johnson
Strategic Advisor

With an illustrious career spanning over nearly four decades, Vicki Johnson stands as a distinguished figure in the hospitality industry. Her journey has seen her navigate various roles, representing some of the world’s most prominent hotel brands, elevating the profile of a major U.S. city within a Convention and Visitors Bureau, hands-on experience as a meticulous meeting planner, and culminating in the entrepreneurial endeavor of establishing her own company. 

Having built her career in finding the right solutions for her clients and being a strong advocate for the best possible outcome, Vicki is thrilled to bring her legacy to Cypress Planning Group.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Vicki is a guiding force both in the hospitality industry and her community. Vicki has served on various boards and committees such as the Advisory Council for Metro Hospitality Partnership, PCMA Board of Directors for the Capital Chapter and held multiple committee positions with ASAE and AMPs. When she is not working, Vicki has been involved with the National Capital Area Chapter of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and currently serves on the Board of Georgetown Main Street.     

Finding time to immerse herself in the pleasures of life beyond work, Vicki indulges in her passions: cooking, learning Italian, travel, and fine wines.

To learn about the recent acquisition of Vicki Johnson & Associates, click here to read the full announcement.

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