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Get to know Trish

Trish Strong
Meeting & Event Specialist

Bringing a multifaceted approach to her role, Trish seamlessly orchestrates the housing logistics for meetings and conventions, spearheads the distribution of RFPs, organizes impactful site visits, diligently compiles historical information post-event, and so much more. Functioning as a pivotal link between hotels and clients across numerous projects, Trish thrives on forging connections while consistently delivering unparalleled service to our clients.

Her penchant for order and neatness is a testament to her commitment. Trish's enthusiasm for helping others radiates in her daily interactions with clients and colleagues. She attributes her success to the harmonious integration of her work mantra, "organize, prioritize, delegate, and follow-up," with her life philosophy of treating others kindly, fairly, and with a smile.

Hailing from Southern Maryland, Trish remains rooted there with her husband and four children. Actively involved in her community, she is a dedicated member of the Optimist Club and volunteers in various capacities. During her leisure time, Trish immerses herself in reading, attends her children's sporting events, cherishes moments with family and friends, and eagerly anticipates watching Baltimore Orioles games with her loved ones.

Community Involvement
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