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Get to know Tracy

Tracy Cooper
Meeting & Event Consultant

An accomplished and visionary executive hailing from College Park, Maryland, Tracy brings over two decades of industry expertise to the table, embodying a fusion of creativity, operational prowess, and forward-thinking innovation. Throughout her career, Tracy has championed the optimization of attendee and customer experiences across a wide-ranging spectrum of small to large-scale programs, events, and incentives. Her collaborative approach and knack for building lasting relationships have been key to her success.

Beyond her impressive project management skills, Tracy is celebrated for her community engagement strategies, fostering unity and spirit within diverse groups. Aptly dubbed the "Planner AuthoriTEA," Tracy serves as a trusted advisor, operating with unwavering integrity and a commitment to excellence.

Tracy’s motto? “You can’t judge a book by its cover – and you should ALWAYS be kind to everyone you meet.”

When not immersed in her professional endeavors, Tracy enjoys camping, cherishing moments with family, and cozying up with her beloved pup. 

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