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Sandi Puckett

Sales Coordinator

Supporting Cypress Planning Group clients, Sandi brings perspective and experience to her role as Sales Coordinator. 

With forty years in the workplace, chances are, she’s been there, done that. A native of Miami, Sandi is an avid reader and Scrabble junkie who dreamed of being a kindergarten teacher. But the law called and, for seven years, she first worked as a legal assistant in both the public and private sectors.


“DEFENDS”—seven letter word worth 62 points.

With exceptional assisting, planning, and coordinating skills, Sandi also supports Cypress Planning Group with RFP development and implementation, lead management, hotel site visits, and more. From our clients to our vendors to our hotel partners, Sandi will ensure smooth planning and efficient logistics at every level. That’s because her process includes an unwavering attention to detail, as well as a peerless work ethic. And that’s worth all the points.

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