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Get to know Kristen

Kristen Kain

Director, Meeting Services

A staunch “yay-sayer,” Kristen is peerless in her ability and determination to fulfill our client’s craziest requests. We’re fairly certain that, if she can’t make it happen, it can’t be done. (Her screen saver quietly reads: FIGURE IT OUT.) Specializing in promotional, experiential, and marketing driven events, Kristen positions our client’s brands for maximum impact and ROI.

A New Orleans native, Kristen graduated from Louisiana State University with a degree in broadcast journalism. Early on, though, production was her focus and, today, that pursuit serves as the cornerstone of her successful approach: organized, decisive but flexible, detailed, controlled, and rigorous. IOW, Kristen knows how to “set the stage” for any event. A happily married mother of three, she uses these skills daily and will, no doubt, need them if she ever makes good on her dream to renovate an old home. In which case, we’ll have to add “in-demand contractor” to her resumé!

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