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Get to know Kawania

Kawania Wooten, CMP
Meeting & Event Consultant

A seasoned event planner hailing from the vibrant Washington, D.C. metro area, Kawania collaborates closely with a diverse array of clients to meticulously craft the blueprints for their meetings. Encompassing a genuine affinity for curating unforgettable meetings and conferences, her passion extends beyond mere logistics – Kawania also has a real love for special events, fundraising galas, weddings, and more. 

Renowned for her expertise, boundless enthusiasm, and wealth of experience, Kawania's clients find solace in her ability to streamline processes, optimize resources, and infuse each occasion with an unmistakable vibrancy. "When I reach the end of a project, I am very proud that our clients are better off because of our work. I know we have impacted so many people with the fundraisers we have produced, and that people walk away having had a truly memorable experience. "

Beyond her professional pursuits, Kawania finds solace and inspiration in the rich cultural tapestry of her surroundings. In her leisure time, Kawania is an avid concert-goer with a penchant for jazz, and spends her time reading about the lives of jazz greats. Inspired to take her talents to the next level, she recently began taking guitar lessons. Kawania describes herself as soulful.


"I put my heart and soul into everything I do. That includes my work. I want our clients to experience memorable events for all the right reasons."

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