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Get to know Kathan

Kathan Dearman


If you ask Kathan what she considers “high praise,” she’ll tell you it’s being a resource. Fierce, loyal and “slightly competitive,” she keeps her feet just above the ground, but her head firmly planted in her work and the company she co-founded. That’s because she loves nothing more than advocating on behalf of her Cypress Planning Group clients and is the office go-to for analysis and interpretation. Her comfort zone? Spreadsheets, slippage, wash and YOY room block analysis. (No kidding.)

Fluent in French, Kathan also speaks the language of hospitality. With over 14 years in sales at Starwood Hotels and Resorts, she is a seasoned traveler who is passionate about facilitating vibrant new connections. And it’s this sensibility that informs her ability to cultivate meaningful relationships. Just ask her clients—or her friends. They’ll tell you she gives her all, in addition to making an obscenely delicious homemade chocolate sauce.*

A native of Hattiesburg, Mississippi, and a graduate of the University of Mississippi where she received her M.A., Kathan bleeds SEC football and “dem Saints!” She’s also a devotee of good wine, cheese, and music—all of which she can enjoy while calling the correct penalty for any flag thrown on the field. In other words, she doesn’t miss a beat.

*secret family recipe    

Achievements & Accolades

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