Fiona Henderson

Director, Meeting Services

Hailing from Derby, England, Fiona is absolutely “brilliant” if you ask us! Whether it’s a 6,000-person conference with over one hundred breakout sessions or a corporate team-building retreat, all things meeting-related are her cup of tea. Cool under fire, Fiona will tell you she doesn’t take things personally. The consummate professional, she instead takes everything in stride while delivering memorable experiences. Eg. She once introduced Jay Leno to his biggest fan—an 85-year old grandmother of an attendee who closed the show with him after he invited her on stage. Hashtag: onceinalifetime.

With a degree in Hospitality Management from Johnson & Wales University and a year in Switzerland studying Hotel & Restaurant Management, Fiona enjoys dual citizenship between the UK and the US. From a family of modest means, she used to dream of owning her own restaurant so she could eat out whenever she wanted. Today, though, Fiona’s passionate about the simple things—a quiet moment alone, a hike in the Rocky Mountains or a boat ride at the Lake of the Ozarks. That’s because she believes it’s all about perspective and, with a little common sense, insists life really isn’t all that complicated. Hear, hear! Fiona.

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