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Get to know Angele

Angele du Passage, CMP


A born mediator, Cypress Planning Group co-founder Angele has a 25-year (and counting) track record in the hospitality industry. With a zero-tolerance policy for procrastination, she enjoys a reputation for being an honest broker who can see both sides of every negotiation. Whether it’s minimizing risk and exposure, participating on industry panels and committees, or leveraging resources for maximum impact, Angele “gets ‘er done.”

With a degree in Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism, Angele is a New Orleans native with a penchant for love stories. Which might be one of the reasons why she can always find the perfect city and property—she understands the art of matchmaking. But at the heart of her expertise, you’ll find an experienced salesperson with a sincere desire for success on behalf of her clients and her company.

Known for her vivacious personality as well as her ability to “solution find” for any problem, Angele finds joy in being with family and friends, who find joy in being with her, too. And it’s no wonder. With a motto like, “The sillier the better.” she brings total strangers joy, too!

Achievements & Accolades

Presentations + Publications


  • October 2020 — AGC Webinar: "Post-Covid-19: What is the New Norm for Meetings & Events?"

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